from Geneva

Theresa Nguyen at UNWhat does a VIDES volunteer, serving as an intern at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, do?

Theresa Nguyen, currently there, explains:

My duties include:
— attending Human Rights Council (HRC) sessions, Universal Period Review (UPR) sessions, treaty bodies (TB) meetings, and other related United Nations (UN) events.
— After each session/meeting we write reports and web articles. Currently we interns are writing oral statements to give in front of the HCR and representatives of member states.
— Depending on our skills we translate, create videos, prepare presentations, provide computer support, and organize the office. My specific office duties are to organize the IIMA Human Rights Office library and update all the office computers.

My greatest challenge:
— limited engagement in conversation because I do not speak Italian or French, the main languages of communication

— I pick up certain phrases and repeat them over and over again and use them when I can in conversation.

My greatest Joy:
— moments in the day when all the interns burst out laughing and our sense of community

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