Rising with Jesus – Sarahi Perez Update

This month has been by far one of the toughest. February has passed and so the honeymoon stage came to an end. I began having feelings of loneliness, and frustration. Adapting to community life was much harder than I thought! During this time however, I’ve noticed that I have become stronger in prayer, patience, and love for others. Saint Mother Teresa has been a great motivator for me. I’ve been reading a book with her thoughts, prayers, and stories and I’ve learned to accept everything that comes with joy. Doing this has made tough moments more bearable and has made me never forget that the one I am working for is Jesus!

The most impactful experience this month was the Holy week mission I went on with the youth group. We went to a small village about an hour away from town. I was able to see Jesus in all the children and families I served. In every smile, in every hug, in every moment of encounter, I felt God’s presence.

I was surprised to learn that I was one of the first laywomen to ever go on mission to that village. This gave the girls there so much hope, to see a young woman like them doing something that men usually do. To hear their stories and share with them the struggles of womanhood was truly a blessing. Jesus has called me to do things that I never thought I was capable of doing, to be his instrument and bring hope to others. I realized that not only do I represent myself, Salesian missioners, and VIDES, but I also represent what an American is, what a young Catholic woman is, and who Jesus is.

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1803 CAM-Gu PerezSarahi 7

1803 CAM-Gu PerezSarahi 8

1803 CAM-Gu PerezSarahi

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