Places I Was Fortunate to Visit

The first three pictures are in Wadi Rum with my friends from the Caritas Restaurant of Mercy Judith, Fatima, and Shnoda, and the Beduin who gave us the tour and invited us for tea at one of the tents.

 Las primeras 3 fotos son en Wadi Rum con mis amigos del Restaurante de la   Misericordia Caritas Judith, Fátima y Shnoda, y el beduino que nos dio el recorrido y   nos  invitó a tomar el té en una de las tiendas.


The fourth picture below is in Petra. Jordan is absolutely a tourist
destination. It has a lot of archeology and amazing places to visit.
La cuarta foto es en Petra. Jordania es absolutamente un destino
turístico. Tiene mucha arqueología y lugares increíbles para visitar.

In Israel, I was lucky to live in Nazareth, the city of the Annunciation of Angel Gabriel to Mary that she was going to give birth to the son of God, and where Jesus was raised.
Basilica of the Annunciation in the back
 Basílica de la Anunciación en la parte posterior

I was also fortunate to visit Bethlehem, where Jesus was born,
for the lightning of the Christmas Tree and for Christmas.

Basilica of the Nativity – December 24 before the Mid-
night Mass. The star indicates where Jesus was born.
 Basílica de la Natividad el 24 de diciembre antes de la
Misa de Medianoche. La estrella  indica dónde nació Jesús.
Bethlehem during Christmas
 Belén durante la Navidad
Basilica of the Nativity – December 25. Salesian priests
celebrating Christmas Mass.
 Basílica de la Natividad – 25 de diciembre. Sacerdotes
salesianos celebran la misa de Navidad

Going on a volunteering mission was a unique life experience. I’m immensely thankful to VIDES+USA for welcoming me into their missioner volunteering program, and to the Salesian Sisters of the Middle East who received me at their houses, a world region which I had studied in grad school because I care for peace in that heated part of the world, and a culture to which I’ve been always attracted. This experience gave me the opportunity to be a peaceful presence among the people in conflict, to get to know the living conditions of refugees, to improve my language skills to communicate and get closer to them, and in general terms, to get to understand the region better.
It reads in Arabic “rahbat alsalizian” – Salesian Sisters
Se lee en árabe “rajbat alsalizian” – Hermanas Salesianas

I’m also immensely thankful to all of you who believed in my mission and
supported it either through my campaign or through messages and prayers!

 Thank you, everyone, for being with me, one way or the other, during this

 amazing mission “A Dream of Peace in the Middle East”!

 May God bring peace to the Middle East and grant us peace in our hearts,
 Natalia Liviero, VIDES+USA Missioner

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