Heydi’s Mission in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras


It is with joy and gratitude that I am writing to you all from Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras! I have been at the Instituto de Maria Auxiliadora since June 26th. I have been working with 34 girls who reside at the school who are referred to as “internas.” In the morning, I attend the English classes that all the students receive and help those students who struggle the most in the class, then in the afternoon I teach English classes to the internas.  After the classes we pray the rosary then the girls have an hour of rigorous studies that I oversee. The girls have dinner at 7:30 PM followed by a few minutes of recess before the Good Night message.


Time is flying, but each day I try and share my joy with everyone I come in contact with especially the internas. Despite the difficulties and troubles the internas may be experiencing, they genuinely love and welcome others to their home. I see a piece of Jesus in each one of them and they have been teaching me so much more than what I can teach them.

Each day brings a new challenge and God always provides the graces to conquer each one. While I only have two weeks left, there is still time to be God’s humble servant. Therefore, I ask you to please pray for the Sisters in this community, the students here and pray that I may allow God to work through me every day.

india bonita


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