Meet Karia

Hello, my name is Karia.

Karia Roche with Bishop Pheifer

Karia chatting with Bishop Michael Pfeifer, OMI

I am from California. I obtained a B.A in International Business from California State University, Fullerton and currently work at Cerritos Community College. Throughout my academic and professional career, I have had the privilege to work with youth and adults from diverse cultures and backgrounds. While assisting students in their academic challenges I have developed a strong desire to teach. That is why, upon my return from mission, I look forward to starting the credential program for teaching. Among the few things that I enjoy very much are exploring nature, learning different languages, and outdoor activities. Therefore, I am very grateful for and eager about this amazing opportunity to go to Europe or Latin America and immerse myself in this cultural and educational learning and teaching experience. This is a special opportunity that, without doubt, will be meaningful and spiritual, as it touches the conscience and the heart by empathizing with humble and fragile communities.

The Formation and Service Camp provided is an essential component of the VIDES missionary program, for it provides the information, tools and practice that prepares the missionaries mentally and physically. For example, after learning a bit about the children at St. Peter St. Joseph’s Children’s Home, an entertaining lesson and fun activities were designed to lift their spirits through the Word of our Lord. We also joined the children at St. John Bosco School during their lunch and play time. We gave them a VIDES presentation and shared our mission purpose and plan. Both experiences were greatly rewarding, as the children actively participated, demonstrated their joy and expressed their gratitude. The Formation and Service Camp provided a road map for meaningful and quality service, all with the purpose to ensure success for both the mission and missionaries. I personally enjoyed it very much. In addition, it gave me a feel of what it is like to live, interact and serve in a community of sisters who serve and live for the love of God. I personally recommend it, as I have come to realize that we are all already missionaries, so I invite you to come discover why.

1801 FSC Joseph Skit (6)

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