Joys of My Middle East Mission

What brought me the most joy was the love I could bring to the children of the
Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, to the Iraqi refugees, and to the students of the
schools in Israel (Nazareth) and Palestine (Bethlehem-Cremisan), and the
unexpected affection I received from them in return.

At the Syrian refugee camp I really felt for the children.
En el campo de refugiados sirios sentí mucho por esos niños.

3rd-grade students (A and B), my classmates in the religion and music classes.
The teacher in the photo below is Mais. She learned Spanish watching
soap operas and I called her “Andrea del Boca” since she looked
like that Argentinian actress.  She loved it! The kids used to hug me when I
entered their classrooms and everyone wanted me to sit next to them.
 Estudiantes de 3er grado (A y B), mis compañeros de clase en las clases de
religión y música. La maestra en la foto de abajo es Mais, aprendió español
viendo telenovelas a   argentinas y yo la llamaba “Andrea del Boca” ya que se
parecía a la actriz argentina. A   ella le encantaba! Los niños solían abrazarme
cuando entraba a sus clases y todos   querían que me sentara junto a ellos.
With Melad from Mosul, Iraq, in the Oratorio for Iraqi children in Jordan.
Melad also worked at the Caritas Restaurant of Mercy.
 Con Milad de Mosul, Iraq, en el Oratorio para niños iraquíes en Jordania.
Melad también trabajaba en el Restaurante de la Misericordia de Caritas.

Some of the Syrian refugees and Jordanian kids of the Caritas-Salesian
Sisters Music Project in Amman, where I helped last summer.
 Algunas de las refugiadas sirias y niñas jordanas del Proyecto Musical
Caritas-Hermanas Salesianas en Amán, donde ayudé el verano pasado.

Students from 8th grade at the Nazareth school.
They are so much fun!
 Con los estudiantes de 8vo grade en la escuela de Nazaret.
Son divertidísimos!

Ran and Roua, 8th graders, were very sweet, and gave me a neck-
lace with two girls to remember them, as if suddenly I had twins!

 Ran y Roua, de 8º grado, eran muy dulces y me dieron una
cadenita con dos niñas para recordarlas, ¡como si de pronto
hubiera tenido mellizas!

With Leen and Shaheed from 9th grade, two sweethearts. They gave
me a tour of Nazareth downtown after school. We had a shawarma
and then an ice-cream in McDonald’s.
 Con Leen y Shaheed del noveno grado, dos dulzuras. Me dieron un
 tour por el centro de Nazaret después de la escuela. Comimos una
 shawarma y luego un helado en McDonald’s


At the school in Cremisan, the 2nd grade students were also
sweet and affectionate.
 En la escuela en Cremisan, los estudiantes de 2 ° grado
también eran re-dulces y afectuosos.

Another aspect of my service that brought me joy was serving
food to the poor, and to Syrian Muslim refugees during Ramadan,
through the Caritas Restaurant of Mercy. Caritas, a Catholic
non-profit that belongs to the Vatican, provides free schooling,
free health services, and free meals to refugees in Jordan
(and also in other countries that received refugees), the
majority of them Muslim. I’m a big advocate of interreligious
dialogue and unity and could put it into practice by being an
example through my Catholic values and volunteering with Caritas.

With Caritas serving food and talking with Syrian refugees
during Ramadan last summer.
 Con Caritas sirviendo comida y hablando con refugiados
sirios durante Ramadán el verano pasado.

Natalia Liviero, VIDES+USA Missioner

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