Natalia Liviero in the Holy Land

Natalia Liviero Refugee Camp4
A Dream of Peace in the Middle East

Being acknowledged as a peaceful presence of love and kindness among the adults, youth, and children I served both in Jordan and in Israel is the highlight of my service experience.  Muslims and Christians interact in their daily life in the Middle East and respect each other. At the school where I served, Muslim and Christian children are best friends.

Natalia Liviero Refugee Camp3
Visiting a Syrian Refugee Camp
Refugees are people just like you and me who studied, had a job and a family, and had to leave everything behind to save themselves. In Azraq, near the border of Syria and Saudi Arabia, I visited a camp with Syrian refugees. The trip was organized by Fatima, herself a refugee from Iraq, who raised funds from friends to buy a playground, then new clothes to bring to the children so they could celebrate Eid al-Fitra, which is like Christmas for Muslims. It is important for the kids to wear new clothing on that day. When we arrived at the camp, the kids were playing on the playground brought by Fatima. We were so happy to see them having fun!

Natalia Liviero Refugee Camp5
For now, I am still offering my time and love
to touch the lives of the young people –
one child at a time,
and living out Salesian loving-kindness and joy.
I am just happy to be of service!

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